Hybrid Participants Manual

All sessions will be conducted in a hybrid format using Zoom meetings. Zoom meetings will be initiated by the host (chairperson, timekeeper) just before the start time of each venue.

All Participants (Presenters and Audiences)

  1. Audiences must participate with the microphone muted unless otherwise authorized by the chairperson.
  2. Audiences are not allowed to share screens.
  3. All participants must present their names in English in the Zoom display name.


  1. Presenters should attend the designated Zoom meeting at the start of their assigned session (not at the time of their presentation) to receive guidance from the chairperson.
  2. The presenter must log into the Zoom meeting room on his/her own PC, both online and onsite, to share slides and present
  3. Share your slides using the Zoom screen share function on your own PC so that the online participants can see them on the screen. This Zoom screen will also be displayed on the projector in the session room.
  4. If you are presenting on-site, please turn off the microphone on your own PC and present using the microphone in the session room.
  5. If you are presenting online, please use your own PC microphone for your presentation.
  6. You may use a video recorded in advance and uploaded to Howspace as a substitute for your presentation. However, you are still expected to participate in the Q&A session in real-time during the presentation time.
  7. The presentation time will be managed by the timekeeper. The remaining presentation time will be notified to the presenter via Zoom chat.


  1. Participants other than the presenter should mute their microphones unless authorized by the chairperson.
  2. If you have questions, please use the chat function on Howspace or line up in front of the question microphone in the session room if you wish to speak in the room.
  3. The Zoom chat will only be used for communication from the chairperson or timekeeper to presenters. No posts by participants or presenters are allowed.
  4. If you are online and wish to speak, please raise your hand on Zoom and follow the chairperson's instructions.

Poster Presentation

  1. If the poster presenter is attending onsite, the poster must be displayed on a designated panel in the B1 lobby.
  2. The panels are 1800 mm high and 900 mm wide. A maximum of A0 paper can be affixed
  3. Pins are available in the room for posters.
  4. For presenters attending onsite, there are core poster presentation times during the afternoon coffee break on Day 1 and the morning coffee break on Day 2. The poster room is adjacent to the coffee break area in B1, so please be in front of your poster during these two core times.
  5. If you are presenting online, a notice will be posted in the poster area stating that you are participating online. The audience will be directed to Howspace during the core time of your poster presentation and you may use the chat function on Howspace to respond to questions etc.
  6. Online poster presenters should upload their poster or alternative slides as a PDF file to Howspace before the core poster presentation time of Day 1.
  7. Online and on-site poster presenters will have 5 minutes for poster presentations. The presentation procedure is the same as for other technical presentations.

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