Entry Procedures to Japan

Information about the Entry Procedures to Japan

The following is information regarding entry into Japan based on government policy as of Jun 2, 2022. This information has been compiled solely to the extent available by the WCCE 2022 LOC. No guarantee is made as to the accuracy of the information. Please refer to the links for details to get detailed information. Furthermore, please note that the information may be out of date due to changes in government policy, so please always keep yourself updated.

The Latest Situations (updated on Jun 6)

  • The government will raise the maximum number of daily arrivals to 20,000.
  • Entrants from certain countries and regions will be exempted from inspection at entry.
    • Entrants from 98 countries/regions in the lowest risk group will be exempted from entry inspection and waiting at home, regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated.
    • Those from the 99 countries/regions in the next lowest risk group will be exempted from inspection at entry and waiting at home, on the condition that they have received the third dose of the vaccine.
      • Please see “The Requirements according to the Classification of the Country or Region” below.
  • From June 10, the countries and regions in the lowest risk group will resume accepting foreign tourists for the first time in approximately two years, limited to escorted tours.

Visa Requirements (updated on Jun 6)

  • A business visa is required for most visitors entering Japan (as of Jun 7).
    • The government says that acceptance of tourism visitors starts from Jun 10, which is limited “only when a travel agency among others organizing the trip serves as the receiving organization of the entrants.”
    • The LOC is still gathering information as it cannot determine precisely what the above declaration means.
  • When applying for a business visa, you must submit "A certificate for completion of Registration to the ERFS system" issued by WCCE 2022 LOC. This will be applied for and obtained by the WCCE 2022 LOC based on the registration information and then sent to the applicant by the WCCE 2022 LOC.
  • The registration desk will support your visa application including the ERFS certificate. Please check the details in "Visa Application" on the Registration Details page.
  • Information on visas by the Japanese government is summarised in the following page. We strongly recommend that you check the contents by yourself.

The Requirements according to the Classification of the Country or Region

  • The necessity of submitting a Vaccine Certificate, inspection at the time of entry, and the voluntary quarantine after entry into Japan are determined according to the classification of the country or region where the applicant stayed before the date of entry ("red," "yellow," or "blue" classification).
  • Please see the linked document to find the classification of your country or region.
  • All travelers including Japanese nationals have to submit a certificate of negative test result conducted within 72 hours prior to departing from the country/region where travelers stay when entering Japan.

The table below is a summary of the requirements according to the classification.

Classification Vaccination
On-arrival Test Quarantine period and other measures
after entry into Japan
Red No Required 3-day quarantine at a specific facility designated by the chief of the quarantine station (+negative test result (PCR test) at the facility)
Yes Required 3-day home quarantine + negative result of a voluntary test or 7-day home quarantine without test
Yellow No Required
Yes Not required Home quarantine and other measures are not required
Blue No Not required
Yes Not required
  • The red, yellow, and blue categories are based on the history of stay in the 14 days before entry into Japan. If you went out of the airport and used a hotel, you are eligible for this category. However, if the applicant stays in the airport at the transit point, they are considered to have no history of staying in that place. 
  • For further information, please refer to the following document by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government.

Fast Track

  • You can pre-register for airport quarantine procedures to reduce your time in the airport.
  • Please complete the pre-application via the "MySOS" application at least 16 hours before your flight's scheduled arrival.
  • Fast Track is available for those entering from Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Kansai International Airport, and Fukuoka Airport.
  • Pre-register in English or in Chinese.

Fore More Details

We strongly recommend obtaining the latest, correct, and detailed information regarding Japanese entry from government websites.