Submission Instructions and Submission

Submission Instructions

Before submission…

  1. ...make sure that your submission is properly formatted according to the Springer style
    When submitting a paper, please note that your submission must conform to the style and format defined by Springer, which can be found on the Springer website. Please make sure to use either the Word or the LaTeX template provided on the Springer website (and no self-constructed file) and to strictly follow the Proceedings Guidelines for Authors. Do not make any changes to the settings specified in the guidelines and also make sure to strictly follow the guidelines for formatting and the order of the references in the list of references.
    If you have any trouble downloading the template files from Springer website, please use below:
  2. ... make sure not to exceed the allowed maximum number of pages for the respective type of submission
    The indicated maximum number of pages for a certain submission type assumes formatting according to the Springer formatting style and the page lengths include all sections from the submission title to the references, acknowledgments, etc. For details, please go to: submissiontype.html. Please make sure that your submission does not exceed the allowed maximum number of pages for the respective type of submission.
  3. ... completely anonymize (only) your full or short research paper for the review phase
    Full or short research papers need to be anonymized, which means that no names of authors should appear on the manuscript or in the references. This is important for the double-blind review process. Abstracts of any of the presentation-oriented submission formats should not be anonymized, because in this case the names and backgrounds of organizers, presenters and other involved persons provide relevant information for the review process.


After you have checked that you have followed the submission instructions listed before, you can submit your paper through the EasyChair system.
If you have any trouble on EasyChair submission, please log in to EasyChair, then re-visit the above page to complete your submission.