Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any question about submitting your abstract for the conference, please check below. If you still have any question after checking it out, please contact us.

Question Answer
I tried to upload the abstract as requested in Word format, however I received an error message stated that EasyChair requires the file to be in PDF. We have changed the EasyChair setting to accept docx files.
We submitted a symposium proposal which consists of 2-page intro plus thirteen 1-page abstracts from different contributors. Do I understand correctly that now I should reduce the 15-pages submission to 1-page abstract representing the whole symposium? Or should I keep the complete format of 2 + 13 pages of abstracts? We requested all the authors to submit a one-page abstract. So please reduce the submission to 1-page abstract of your symposium.
I have uploaded an updated full version of my paper. How I can upload the 1-page (attached) in the book of abstracts? You do not need to upload the full version of your paper. Please upload the 1-page abstract only. Unlike other conferences, the book of abstracts of WCCE only contains 1-page abstracts of all papers.
I have prepared my paper using the Springer template (docm file) supplied at the WCCE 2022 web site. Please use the docx template which we have sent you with the acceptance letter to prepare 1-page abstract.
I have a question about submitting abstract. The instruction says "upload" abstract. But it is not clear where to upload. I looked for easychair page and could find for "Upload full Papers" and "Upload Slides", but "Upload Abstracts" is not found. Please tell us proper upload place. First, log in to EasyChair and select the "proceedings author" role. Then you will find a list of papers on the "My Paper" page. You can select a paper on this page and "update new version" to submit your abstract.
Can I insert figures/pictures in my abstract? Although we did not provide clear instructions on this issue, abstracts will be registered to digital libraries and subject to retrieval. Considering this, we do not accept abstracts containing figures and/or pictures.
What time is the precise dealine of the abstract? We will accept abstract uploaded until June 20, 24:00 AoE. The authors may upload newer version before the deadline.